Best Tube Amplifiers

Tube Amplifiers: A Guide


Tube amplifiers have been known to amplify sound and create more audible and powerful music. Tube amplifiers have simpler technology with circuits that can be made easier and lesser number of component parts. These lead to better and more truthful sound signal handling. This simple design is able to provide sound with less distortion and muddling and because they have fewer component parts, they are more reliable with high tolerance to deviations and circuit drifts.


The effect of this tube amplifiers to the quality of the sound is that the emitted sound waves are significantly less offensive to the ear and even less destructive to the loudspeakers compared to transistor amplifiers that damage loudspeakers when the maximum power level is reached. The positive effects of tube amplifiers are evident when they are used in guitars, there are tube guitar amplifiers that are used to distort sound into the resultant distortion is what can be heard as trademark tones in the case of electric guitars.


Unlike transistor amplifiers which causes a third harmonic sound which is referred to a blanketed sound, it makes the tone emitted thin and hard compared to tube amplifiers that causes a second harmonic sound that is almost inaudible but makes the sound fuller. The distortion sound is more musical and provides appropriate load to transducers.


Sounds produces from tube headphone amp are linear and requires less feedbacks because they are voltage amplifiers as compared to transistor amplifiers that are current amplification equipment. The cause of the feedback is the negative feedback being re-injected back into the input sucking the emotions and life of the music. Although tube amplifiers may not have zero feedback designs that low feedback allows for the music to be more natural.


The voltages being used by home stereo amplifier have more range and allows for better signal headroom before it enters into overload that is why most listeners prefer tube amplifiers to create more powerful and natural sounds. Musicians often prefer to use tube amplifiers because they are able to create less distortion and clipping that are considered to be a disadvantage in creating a unique sound.


The tones that are created by tube amps are warm to the ears of the listener, more expressive and emotional thereby increasing the likelihood that the music will be heard over and over again because of the quality. There are a number of tube amplifiers that are on sale in the internet and other music stores, so check them out and find the best tube amplifier for you.


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